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Good news for soup lovers

An Osnabrücker wants to make a gastronomy revolution with his sloped plate

With his invention, Claus Roeting has his eye on the occidental eating culture. According to the inventor the “sloped plate”, with his unusual design, shall artistically enhance the cupboards. However, above all the plate ought to ensure that soup lovers can now eat their soup more comfortable.

Thanks to its sloped surface and a small hollow it is no longer necessary tilting the plate to collect the last soup remains. “Now you can clean the plate while respecting good table manners,” Roeting says.

The advertising designer came up with the idea for this quite simple invention a year ago while eating minestrone. By tilting the plate, he spilled some Italian vegetable broth and immediately made the decision to prevent such incidents in the future. Thus, he transformed with play dough a normal plate in “the mother of all sloped plates”. 

Friends and acquaintances grinned at the original, but obstinate creation. However, the majority of those questioned supported his oblique idea. Roeting has already patented his invention. This will still take some time, but Roeting has already found a manufacturer for his innovative plate.  Since early January exists a prototype manufactured industrially. The porcelain factory of Christian Seltmann GmbH in the Bavarian town of Weiden has put Roeting´s specifications to practice and reckons on good sale opportunities with this unusual product. 

 “Above all, the sloped plate just seems the right thing as a promotional gift,” Michael Vogl of the industrial Seltmann service says. However, he is still sceptical in terms of mass production for domestic use, because the plate must fit into a series. Roeting has already found several market niches for his plate. “A clinic and several orthopaedic suppliers have already contacted me,” Roeting reports. They wanted to simplify the eating for sick and disabled people. He had not thought about this possibility beforehand. Above all, the designer from Osnabrück had focused on sophisticated restaurants and their customers. According to his calculations in gourmet temples it is more likely that people have the necessary resources to acquire such exceptional plates.

Frank Senger (dpa)

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