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Photo: Wilck

Sloped plate comes just in time

Weiden. “A global novelty” as a farewell gift, the first sloped plate of the house Seltmann. “If you have to take a soup that anyone has prepared for you, it is easier to do it this way,” Christian Seltmann explains.

At present, this oblique invention is being mass-produced, “the machine works day and night”. “Wow! So many people want to eat soup?,” Angela Merkel is surprised. Sloped plates have not yet come across the CDU leader on any of her trips, however, that other “white gold” did cross her path in every nook and corner of the Max-Reger-city. “Of course ‘Weiden porcelain’ does mean something to me,” she declares to the media.

On Tuesday morning, Angela receives in addition background information from the senior boss about the 1,500 employees in four factories and manufactories in Thuringia.

The expedition formed by Seltmann managers, CSU officials, bodyguards, camera crews and colleagues of the press moves quickly through the production areas. Angela Merkel not only relies on the statements of Christian Seltmann (junior) as well as the directors Josef Kallmeier and Werner Weiherer, but also gives production and printing workers a pat on the shoulder: “What exactly are you doing right now?”

“The robots were the most fascinating,” she reveals the chef (senior) finally: the robot cell developed by Seltmann himself, which finish off up to 210 freshly pressed porcelain items per hour. At the same time, even craftsmanship is required of the leader of CDU. In the print room, she draws an engraving on a cup, a printed autograph of Angela Merkel on a pink background. This has to match perfectly. For the stressed visitor it seemed to be a test of patience over a few minutes. “This requires a lot of concentration.”

A little “breather” among all this high-quality porcelain in the design room: Merkel feels impressed before the chief secretary Inge Vogel with the child design “Flori”, with the youthful set “Sketch” and the white and blue series “Bayern” with Ludwig ll-Krügerl and “Sparsau”. “This set has been especially produced for Saxony,” Seltmann says. "They have been introduced as symbols of national pride."

In addition to the sloped plate, the political celebrity receives a Bavarian present: a catering service. “That was what she wanted just yesterday,” the representative Georg Girisch says.

Ralph Gammanick

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